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AAUK Residency

2021 artist residency application deadline extended

Call out AAUK Virtual Residency Mentoring Scheme 2021 has been extended! 公募開始!AAUK 2021年度 バーチャルレジデンシー 個別に英国の専門家がメントーリング・サポートを行います Deadline:15th August 2021締め切り:8月15日 2021年 

Call out AAUK Virtual Residency Mentoring Scheme 2021

公募AAUK 2021年度 バーチャルレジデンシー・メントーリング

To Apply, please scroll down this page and fill in the form.


AAUK は 2011年東日本大震災以降、厳しい社会状況の中で現状に真摯に対峙しつつ活動しているアーチスト達をサポートしてきました。2021年度は、これまで年に一人だけであったアワードの枠を広げて、世界的なコロナ禍の中で苦肉苦戦をされている若手のアーチスト及びアート関係の業務に従事しているキュレーターや研究者そして学生の方々に対してそれぞれ個別に英国の専門家がメントーリング・サポートを行います。変動する世界の中でアートを通してどの様に貢献していけるのか、具体的にそれぞれの将来へ向けての方向性を見出すメントーリング・サポートを行い、また、その最終結果を国際的に発信します

Since 2011, after Japan suffered an unprecedented disaster when the nuclear power station was destroyed by a tsunami, AAUK has been supporting artists dealing with complex issues through Residency programme. Today because of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic,  many  artists and art workers are wrestling with difficult issues. For 2021 we are extending our yearly award to 5 artists/ art workers to take part in online residency/ mentoring scheme to offer our support. We hope to support participants through providing opportunity for a discourse about art in the changing world.The result of Residency will culminate towards online exhibition / event which will be transmitted internationally.

Who can apply for the VIRTUAL residency? (5 places)

応募資格;バーチャル・レジデンシー (5名)


The programme is open to artists, art workers, curators, researchers or art students who are working in Japan, or who are dealing with issues related to the post Fukushima socio political situation in Japan. Applicants do not need to be Japanese nationals, nor have an extensive track record as artists. However, basic English is a requirement as we cannot provide translation. (Alternatively, mentees are welcome to bring their own interpreters.)

What is the AAUK VIRTUAL Residency?



期間;2021年8月ー 11月にかけて


第2・3回 はそれぞれ、割り当てられた専門家メントーと参加者が双方に都合の良い日時を設定して行う事になります。

Presentations / Discussion / Peer Review and One to One Mentoring sessions ( 1hour each) plus final Event featuring the result of residency.

Period: August 2021- November 2021

First session and final event date will be announced after the selection process.

Other sessions dates and time are to be agreed between participants and the Mentors allocated for them. Participants will have opportunity to receive tailored individual support from mentoring sessions as well as peer support through group session.

The residency will culminate towards final online event/ exhibition will be a collaborative outcomes, and it will be hosted on AAUK website and promoted through other AAUK online platforms.


Deadline :15th July 2021

締め切り:7月15 2021

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