The AAUK Residency Award
Art Action UK Residency Award 2020

国内外での反響を得てきたプロジェクト(Art Action UK)の第9回目の英国ロンドンでのアートレジデンシープログラムを実施します

Art Action UK is an arts collective that began through responding to the 2011 disaster in North East Japan, which triggered the nuclear crisis in Fukushima. The consequence of the disaster is still unfolding, drawing attention to global environmental issues, geo-political crises and global economic breakdowns, while countless accounts and experiences are buried in the fallout of the disaster.  AAUK has been providing platforms for artists, curators, researchers as well as students who are asking questions, unearthing a different perspectives.

Calling for artist / curator/ researcher who are involved in the complexities of context of current socio-political climate, particularly with the pretext of Tokyo Olympics 2020 which is said to be a “Re-construction -Fukkou- Olympics”, to renew the image of the country from the catastrophic effects caused by the 2011 Triple disaster including Fukushima Nuclear Fallout situation while boosting its economy.  While the funding towards cultural activities has been increased, and yet, also there has been incidents of censorship and self censorship applied towards activities which has been deemed to contradicts a “positive" projection of an image. 
AAUK are hoping to invite a practitioner who can contribute proactively to the current discourse about the political censorship and self-censorship with the context of pre-Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The Residency participant is expected to contribute to the discussion events organised during the programme. There is an opportunity to present your practice during this programme.

Who: An artist / curator/ researcher who is directly/ indirectly engaged in discourses on planetary crisis, focussing on the situation in Japan after Fukushima Nuclear Fallout, with a seriousness of intention. There is no restriction in genre, age, nationality or gender. However you need to be prepared to share your experience and communicate in English. There is an interpretation service between Japanese and English if needed for public occasions, however this services is limited to the presentation during the symposium.  Basic English Language skill set is needed to get by during the residency.

Duration:late April - May 2020 ( 3-4 weeks, The details of these date are to be discussed between the host and the selected individual )

Location: London

Support Outline: £1000 including flight cost between Japan and UK and small expenses are paid by AAUK. Also oyster card initial payment, single accommodation in London, breakfast/ evening meal at accommodation in London are supplied. Other private living cost, and cost of production of work or research, local transport, phone bills are not included, and participants are expected to cover them. You are also expected to sort out UK entry Visa and travel insurance on your own behalf.

Number of Residency: One person Applications are assessed by Art Action UK and the Selected award winner will be notified by email. Please accept that we may not be able to contact all the applicants by email due to the number of applications

Result of Residency : No expectation for summative exhibition, but participants are expected to deliver artist talk/ discussion events to engage with local population. 

Application deadline: 31st January, 2020

How to Apply: Please email below information in one PDF file ( Please keep file document side below 2MG )

1) Name 
2) Current Address
3) Nationality
4) Date of Birth 
5) Phone 
6) email Address 
7) Website, blog, Facebook, Instagram or any other online site to introduce your practice
8) CV/ Profile 
9) Statement or Proposal (up to 400 words) 
10) Up to 6-7 supporting images  ( Please make sure to reduce the size of images you stick on PDF so that the overall PDF size will be under 2MG. As at this stage of selection process we do not need high resolution images) )
11)  you are applying with Moving image / Film installation practices, please include the link login pass word to Vimeo or You tube or other sharing site to share your practice.  Please do not attempt to send a large file via email.


Please see Japanese Language version below


このレジデンシー・プログラムArt Action UK (AAUK)は、複雑な社会現象を考察しながら活動を続けている若手のアーティストやキュレーター、研究者を対象としています。現在2020年の東京オリンピックは、復興のためのオリンピックとして2011年の東日本大震災以来のネガテイブな日本のイメージを一掃する契機として機能し、停滞する経済に対しての経済効果をもたらすことなどが期待されています。こうした中で、政府の文化芸術活動への支援が大きくなる一方で、そういった意図に相入れないとされる作品や活動などに対しての検閲や自主検閲などの問題が起こっています。
AAUKは、このような現状を直視しながらつつ活動を続けているアーティスト及びキュレーターや研究者を募集しています。英国に滞在し、自らの視点からオリンピック前の現状、アートへの理念や現場での実際の体験などを受入れ先の英国の人々と話し合い, 議論に積極的に関わっていける人材を募ります。レジデンシー・アーティスト/キュレーター/研究者は、ロンドンにて企画予定のデイスカッションイベントに参加しプレゼン及び意見交換をする事になります。本年度はレジデンシー期間中の展覧会の予定はありませんが、これまでの制作及びリサーチをプレゼンテーションする機会があります

社会問題と直接・間接的に関わりを持ちながら、問題意識を持って活動されているアーティスト,キュレーター又は研究者であること。作品のジャンル・経歴・年齢・国籍・ジェンダーは問いませんが、現地にて、意見交換を積極的に行っていける人材を募ります。英検などの資格は特に必要ではありませんが、通訳、世話人などは つきませんので、ご自分で基本的な会話ができる会話能力あるいは度量が必要とされます。シンポジウム期間中のプレゼンなどの公けの場では、必要な場合には通訳をつけることが可能です。

場所: イギリス・ ロンドン
経費:往復の渡航費 、その他経費込みで1000ポンド直接支給、またロンドン交通機関割引カードの初期基本料金、一人分の宿泊費、宿泊先での朝夕の食費をAAUKがカバーします。その他の一般生活費及び制作費・交通費・電話代などの私用の諸経費は本人の責任となります。渡航費、経費は選抜された方にACGより直接支払いがなされますが、旅券の取得及び、航空券の手配は本人の個人責任で行っていただきます。また海外旅行保険も本人の責任で行って下さい。


PDF needs below information

1) Name 名前
2) Current Address 現住所
3) Nationality 国籍
4) Date of Birth 生年月日
5) Phone 電話番号
6) email Address メールアドレス
7) ウェブ上のホームページ及びフェースブックページ、ブログその他 仕事の内容を紹介できるサイトがあればリンクを書いてください
8) CV/ Profile 簡単な履歴書・あるいはプロフィール
9) Statement or Proposal (up to 400 words) ステートメントあるいは、プロポーザル
10) 上限6−7枚までの写真(同じファイル内に収めてください。別に送らない事。写真のサイズを調整し全体で規定のサイズに納まるようにしてください)
11) ビデオ及びフィルムなどの媒体での応募の場合、参考例が閲覧できるサイト(    VimeoやYouTubeなどへのリンクを書面にふくめて送ってください。大きなファイルをメールで送らないでください


NEW! Art Action UK Micro - Residencies

We are offering artists/ researchers/ curators/ post graduate students, micro residencies, staying with an artist/architect family in South East London, with easy access to galleries and museums.

Application: On going

AAUK Micro-residency will provide:
An opportunity to reflect and gain some perspective on your own practice without any constraints.
An opportunity to meet local artists, curators and share your own work.
An opportunity to carry out research and to receive local support.
Experience of London with local people who have some knowledge of the art scene.
No Studio space. and artist are not required to produce an exhibition during their residency.
One mentoring session for free ( £65 fees covered by AAUK)

Who can apply to Micro-residency? Artists, curators, researchers and students engaged in the research relating to “Post Fukushima” condition. No restriction on the area of practices / age / nationality / gender/ religious background.
Duration: up to 4 weeks max.
Location: South East London, Zone 2. A furnished room with bed, desk and chair, bookshelf, own fridge, wardrobe, drawer, hair dryer vacuum cleaner, free access to Wifi, kitchen, bathroom living room, and garden deck area. Central heating, 24 hour hot water. No Studio space
Costs: Application fee : Free
Accommodation: Micro Residencies are self funding position, and there will be a cost for accommodation. £150 per week.
Other Expenses: Artists need to arrange their own flight to and from the UK, and pay for their own food, transport and local expenses.
Artists need to arrange their own visa for entering the UK. For most of artist this means obtaining a tourist visa for a month’s sightseeing stay in London. AAUK will not be able to help with visa status for artists.

Make sure to provide below information when you are making enquiry.
1. Name
2. CV ( Including email/ address/phone number/ education/ relevant experience / exhibitions/ projects/ etc, file must be under 2MG) 
3. links to your website or other online platform where we can access examples of your work(s).
4. Statement of intent- Please write a reason why you would like to take part in AAUK Micro Residency,  max 500 words
5. Dates ( Please state the proposed dates to enquire about availability. Maximum stay 4 weeks)
6. send above by email subject line as Micro Residency_ Name

Please email to