We are a collective of artists, curators, gallerists and writers who are exploring various means to show solidarity and support for people who have been affected by natural and manmade disasters.

The 2011 Japanese earthquake, tsunami and subsequent Fukushima nuclear fallout has been the catalyst for Art Action UK.

© Kaya Hanasaki, Portraits in Mask Project


The affects of a disaster such as 3/11 are experienced globally, and nuclear issue impacts all of us.  

Art Action UK wants to draw attention to increasing media 'amnesia' and media suppression following 3/11.  In the face of such a huge issues, art practices might initially appear powerless.  However, we feel that it is important for artists dealing with the issues links to the 2011 Fukushima fallout disaster to have a voice, and to be able to address the complex social dynamics within global politics.  With your support and encouragement we hope the voices of artists working in the area can continue to be heard internationally.

Photo credit © Chris Wainwright